Why Do They Have To Be So Cool ?!

What I mean by “they” here is nothing else but Japanese -anime- music.
I love extraordinary things, especially extraordinary music! And anime songs provide it all.

Starting with their unusual usage of chords that creates remarkable transpositions and overtones:

  • Yakusoku wa Iranai by Maaya Sakamoto, 1st opening theme of Escaflowne. Using D tone with unusual chord before chorus.
  • Chance by Kohei Koizumi, 1st ending theme of Candidate for Goddess. Tones on E, G, C, and A.
  • Platinum by Maaya Sakamoto, 3rd opening theme of Card Captor Sakura. Tones on D and F#
  • Kimi no Shinwa ~ Aquarion Dai Ni Shou by Akino with bless4, 1st opening theme of Aquarion Evol. Beginning on F#, to A, G, F# and couple of overtones. I can not even remember them all! LOL

Continue to their unusual usage of time signature:

  • Don’t Look Back Again by WAG, 1st opening theme of Saiyuki Reload Gunlock -uses 5/4 at the beginning and changes into 4/4 at the chorus.
  • Symphonic Dream by Katate Size, 2nd ending theme of Nurarihyon no Mago -uses 11/4 for the intro, 6/4 for the verse, 4/4 for the chorus, and unimaginable 7/4, 5/4 and 6/4 in the bridge.

Moreover, their techniques in music instruments:

  • Drums
    • Waltz by Suneohair, 1st ending theme of Honey and Clover. First 13 seconds
    • Fast Forward by Monkey Majik, 1st opening theme of Nurarihyon no Mago. In overall song, but especially in 00:15-00:43
  • Fusion of -especially- piano, violin, and drum
    • Kagami no Naka by Can-Goo, 1st opening theme of Ultra Maniac. In 00:34 – 00:56
  • Fusion of piano, violin, bass, and -especially- drum
    • I Talk to The Rain by Yuki Kajiura, Tsubasa Chronicles soundtrack. From 01:26 onwards (you have to “really” hear the song if you want to hear this intricate yet awesome fusion)

Not to mention my favorite song, Tsuioku Merry-Go-Round by onelifecrew, 2nd ending theme of Fairy Tail.
A jazzy trio of piano, guitar, and bass with a slight of jazz drum beats in 02:51-03:10 followed by the rap until 03:23.

Well, those are “some” songs I remembered, I could not have post everything because it is too many, but anyway
These songs… never fail to amaze me.
Thank You, God, for gifting such talented musicians who composed their songs.
And motivated me to keep going and compose my own music.
someday . .


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