Dream Job

All of you must have known my name, Gabriella Gracia, abbreviated as GG.

But what all of you may have not known is that, this abbreviation also defines my motto and vision.
That is, Glorifying God.
I believe that this can be accomplished it by loving God and loving others.
Others here do not only refer to people from “our kind”, like people from our family, our friends, our race, our social status, etc.
But it also refers to people beyond the ones I just mentioned.
People who come from different countries and speak different languages, people who are physically different from us like the blind, the deaf and the mute, people who are poor and oppressed.
I want to speak for them by using the talent that God has given to me, through music and lyrics.
To become a composer is my dream job, either music composer or song writer or even both.
My missions in composing are to touch people’s heart, to raise their conscience, and to inspire them to do something.
The music that I am going would be a combination of classical music and Japanese-contemporary music;
Where the notes, the chords, the key and time signatures are uncommon and remarkable;
And the lyrics will be the abundant of thoughts and expressions.
All of this may sounds dreamy;
But I will pursue these and I will work hard to seize my unfaltering dream job.
-made for English task 😀

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