"Kimi wa hitori nanka janai ze!"

To hear and understand a phrase -in this context, lyrics- in another language gives such wonderful feeling!!
This happened to me -for the first time- a few years ago, when I recognize a phrase in a Japanese song, Ft. by Funkist, 3rd opening theme of Fairy Tail.
Just before the chorus, he sang

“Kimi wa hitori nanka janai ze!”

*before I continue, I do not really understand Japanese well so, if I happened to make a mistake, please understand. I am very welcome for corrections :)*

Kimi means you,
wa is a “to be”,
hitori means one person -well, I prefer the word alone-,
nanka… just a word, I think. I do not know the meaning literally XD
janai makes the phrase negative.
So, it means “you are not alone!
Or maybe it sounds better like this “you are not alone, right?!” or “you are not alone anymore, got it?

For the first phrase I recognize, it was very inspiring.
I immediately remembered a word, Immanuel.
And it has once became my motto!


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