No Way Out

“Channel our pressure into hobbies”

I am pressed in pressure.
My lately sensitive emotions are also stimulated.
Channeling it is the best answer.
But, what if, the hobby itself was the one that was being pressed?

Hearing at those same advice, those exact words, those recognized tone I have known so too well.
I am not a authoritarian“, yet being one as the words are being spoke.
I want you to discuss with me, so we could decide for the best“, yet my opinions were always counter-attacked.
At the end, I always ended up losing.

When it has had ended, our discussion were brought to other discussions he made.
Complaining about me and my behavior loudly so I could hear it.
Maybe, he thought I could change and follow his will if I heard.
But no, it made me sick.

What a stubborn mind it was.
Could not even accept opinions or see from another viewpoint.
Do not just look from your point of view, man!!
If only he could realize..


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