A new meaning

Today is Good Friday.

I went to church just a few hours ago, attended the ceremony for Good Friday.
And like always, the preach was about the cross, the crucifixion.
The meaning I have got so far:
He who has been crucified for us and -ironically- by us.
Remembering the sins from the past, now, and the future.
How terrible they are.
How many sinners to be bear. Including me.
I cannot imagine how hard it is for Him.
But still, He gave His life at the cross.
He opened His arms for you, for me, for all of us.
I am very grateful for all of these.
But this year…
It does not stop there.

“Grace is not only about what you got, it’s also about what you do after”

The grace is given.
The arms are opened.
Do I dare opening my arms for them?
Do I dare sharing this grace?
To relinquish this selfish me and start accepting, start loving.. others.

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