My name is カラス

Watashi no namae wa カラス desu

My name is ka-ra-su.
カラス in Japanese means crow literally.
Why Japanese?
Well, it is just… because I love the language lol!
But why? Why crow?
Because.. It is my name -not really lol-.
I am Indonesian.
My name is G…….A G….A K…… -hiding my real name, lol!-
Therefore, the acronym of my name is GAGAK as I capitalize above.
In Indonesian, gagak means crow.
Since I was little, I used to address myself as crow which everyone see in not a good way.
Maybe, people see crow as a sign of bad luck.
Their voice are also terrible, moreover they like to steal silver things, etc.
But for me, crows are not that bad.
Crows do not compete with us about food.
On the contrary, they help us to eat what we want to get rid of.
Well, I am not a crow maniac actually, but they are interesting enough.
In my eyes, crows are unique.
They may look bad in front of people’s eye, but inside they help people.
-Just my thoughts though-

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