Fire, earth, air, water.
Four basic elements we all know.
It is always there in games, animes, imaginative stories, etc.

I like it too, elements and those kind of things.

Of course, I have my own favorite element I imagine to have XD
But it is not one of the basics I have mentioned.
It’s something different, something that is soooo cool and very attractive for me.
And it has not changed since I was maybe about seven ?!
Yes, it is…


The light, the sound, the trembling feeling it has made.
It just amaze me.

I do not really know, maybe one of the reason I like it is because the main character from the first anime I watched in animax -it is a anime channel on TV- has power the of lightning. But when I think about it again, it seems that I already love it long before I watched the anime.
I do love lightning, I mean the real ones.

Because of that, I became very interested when I saw anime characters with lightning power.
A couple of examples:

  • Ginji Amano from Get Backers (the one I mention before, my first anime to watch)
  • Laxus Dreyar from Fairy Tail
  • Nue from Air Gear
  • etc.

But the one that really gave influence is Ginji, the Lightning Emperor, leader of VOLTS. Oh, you have to see it for yourself! I remembered once he fought in the rain and because of his lightning power, the rain drops just stopped! Very imaginative, isn’t it?

Well, I’d love to have these powers.
I do have it actually, in my dreams.
Back to Gilgamesh’s quote, right?

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