Kuro Neko!

Well, this post is just about my life.

I don’t make a lot of friends, it’s actually quite hard for me to make friends.
But I do have friends in groups, real friends to me.
I have several peer groups –well, I think there are only 2 actually-.
The one I want to share in this post is Kuro Neko!? LOL
Well, it’s not actually the exact name of the peer group but…
It has the story of course 🙂
The story began when we haven’t met, years ago…
Animax -an anime channel on TV- was only a new channel at that time.
I was obsessed with it! XD
Once, I saw an advertisement of animax on one of the guard house near my house.
The anime in the advertisement was Black Cat.
I watched it even though I don’t really understand the story.
Well, it was cool!!
Train Heartnet, the main character with the number XIII (13) on his chest, carrying his gun everywhere.
But I missed several episodes and I couldn’t catch up anymore…
But at least I know the big picture of the anime hehe.
The story continued two years ago, I met my new classmates and became close, just close.
And last year, the five of us are not in the same class.
In fact, we are all separated except there are 2 boys who are in the same class.
I don’t know how, but we ended up studying together for the final exams.
At my house, where then we watched animes too.
We became closer, and I mean real close.
That’s when it began..
We made a group in our cell phones to communicate easier.
At first we were confused about the name.
And then, we all remembered…
The advertisement, which is still there on the guard house after about maybe 8 or 9 years XD
So we decided to call our group Kuro Neko.
Which is of course a Japanese word that means Black Cat.
It consists five of us, 2 girls and 3 boys.
And then another boy friend joined in the group.
After some time, our phones started to grumble.
So just a few days ago, we made a new group!
The name is Neko’s Tail (cat’s tail).
Well, the Tail is from Fairy Tail, an anime we all watched too.
-next time we make a new group, I will suggest the name Neko no Tsubasa (cat’s wings)! LOL-
I am very grateful and happy with these friends I have.
Our passion about anime, Japanese, games, etc. could be seen bluntly.
Not just that, but all conversations were there too.
And there, I could just be who I am.

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