~Get Backers

Those who have seen my previous posts must have known that this is..

The very first anime I watched!

I still remembered I watched this at my cousin’s house. Since that day, I became very interested in anime! Of course, it is because of the lightning Ginji has. Believe me, he was so cool! The main plot is about two people (Ginji and Ban, abbreviated as GB, Get Backers) who work together to get back things that was stolen. After a while, I knew the characters in the anime. And I really liked a character, Kazuki Fuuchoin.
Guess what, she he is a boy XD. In the story, he came from a clan and in that clan, every kid is treated like a girl, so… No wonder he became like that! His power is quite unique. He uses strings, very thin strings but in a very gentle way. Yet he’s very strong. He is also very elegant and smart, and gentle –feminine?-!! And his hair is sooo long! I wanted to make my hair that long, but.. it will never ever happen I guess XD
My favorite episode of this anime is episode 39! The title is “Ginji Hospitalized”. Well, for whoever knew the characters in this anime, I really recommend this episode if you never watched it. It was sooo funny and exciting, all of the characters gather here and…. You should watch this yourself. I always LOL even though I’ve watched it several times XD
Well, I just watch the anime for this. I don’t read the manga. Okay maybe I have read a little but it’s said that it is for 18+ and after I know it is true, I stop reading it lol!
Here’s a picture of it, just chibis though!
Top (from left): Ginji, Ban, Kazuki
Bottom (from left): Shido, Akabane, Makubex, Jubei

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