It was very hard, this big responsibility.
Most of them don’t care about their own responsibilities anymore.
Nothing is on time.
In fact, nothing seems right…

“Are you lonely being in that position?”
Well, no, I’m not lonely.
This is true, because even it was very hard, there are still a few people who support me.
And I mean, really few -you could count it with one of your hands-.
But, that’s more than enough for me.

Yesterday, I was strengthen in my QT (quiet time).
The passage was taken from Isaiah 6:8-13.
It was about Isaiah who was sent to tell His words to the people.
People that won’t listen to him.
But Isaiah still did the mission;
Even though he would look fail in human’s eyes.
And he succeed!
Not in human’s eyes, but in God’s eyes.
He was faithful to the end.

That reminded me about my own responsibility, my mission.
I might fail in my own eyes.
But I won’t give up!
God has given me so much;
I will do my best to be faithful ’til the end!


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