Pinoko’s Faith

Black Jack, a high-skilled surgeon but his license was revoked despite his patient’s life. He then chose to operate from the shadows.
Pinoko is BJ’s assistant. She came from a terratoid cystoma -she supposed to have twin, but she didn’t grow up and she lived in her sister’s body as a tumor- and was saved by BJ. You can watch the story in BJ episode 44.
For me, there is a most memorable scene from all of Black Jack animes -Black Jack or Black Jack 21-.
Taken from BJ21 episode 3.
BJ was told to be dead, but Pinoko didn’t believe it. Then she was adopted by Saeki Hospital’s director but she didn’t like it. She still searched for BJ. At last she found him, while operating himself in his former teacher’s house. She helped him finishing the operation, but then an assassin walked in. BJ managed to stop him and he was killed by another sniper because he failed to kill BJ.
The scene is a dialog between BJ and Pinoko after the assassin was killed.
Now go back to Saeki Hospital
I won’t do it!
You can’t stay with me.
Please understand.
I won’t go back, even if you beg me to.
And Pinoko did stay with BJ after this, traveled around the world to find the truth behind BJ’s family. And even though it’s hard, Pinoko still followed him ’til the end 🙂

Looking at Pinoko’s faith and actions.
Isn’t it somehow similar to Christianity?
Not only God has given me life, but He also gave His own life.
And as Pinoko stated to use all of her life for BJ, so am I for Christ.
The next step for me is to follow Christ ’til the end although it’s tough;
Like Pinoko did!

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