Pay it Forward!

I and my class were given a project at school. It’s for the leadership class. The project is “Pay it Forward!”
Some of you may have watched it. Well, I haven’t watched it myself. But from the stories I heard, it was so touching. It’s about a child who try to help 3 people, and then those people he helped help 3 others, and so on.

If you know the culture in my country, Indonesia, especially Jakarta, it’s not easy -in fact, it’s rather hard- to do pure kindness to people around. Most of the people will think “what’s the motive behind what they are doing?” or maybe they will use the event for their own purpose.
So, even though we had so many ideas, at last we chose to give flowers and bookmarks.
Our targets are those who work in our neighborhood, who are in the hospital, who are in the mall and who work there too.
I wish I could come too and give flowers to them, but unfortunately I had a program so I couldn’t be there. I was participating in designing the bookmarks.

So, this is the video! It’s in Bahasa but I already asked my friend to put the translation in as well. As you can see, there are rejections as well in this video. But we’re very happy because most of the people accept what we do, I personally am very happy too seeing those excited and delightful faces! And we hope they could pay it forward!

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