Morning Jog

This morning, I jogged with my friend as a practice for my school PE exam. Her house is in different block but not too far from my house. I woke up and go there at 5. My friend’s mom was shocked when she saw me alone because she knew my house is quite far by foot and it was still very early and dark to go there alone. Well, at that point I realized that I am braver than most of my friends but seriously, I feel very safe to go there around the blocks alone.
Then my friend and I jog within her block for around half an hour. She felt really tired. Well, me too, but I still got stamina to jog again to my house after I accompanied her back to her house.

I listened to music while jogging and it was much easier that way. I just realized that my feet kept on jogging with a pace while my breathing was controlled by the rhythm of the music. So my feet and breathing is not in one harmony but it was both controlled. When I jogged at school yesterday, I didn’t listen to music so my breathing is controlled by my steps and it made me tired quickly.

This morning, when we finished jogging and returned to her house, the sun started to rise and so did my spirit. I faced the sunrise when I jogged back to my house. I passed her block’s guard, I passed few man who morning walked, I also passed some women who walked –to the market, I guess-. I can’t help to smile to them, and they smiled back. I really love it to see people smiling. Well, maybe it is normal. But it really made my day!

So SMILE! Maybe you will make someone else’s day by smiling!

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