♫ About Us ♫

This is a school project for music and english subject. The tasks are: create a song with english lyrics, arrange the song, perform the song live, and make a music video from the song. My group consists of 9 people with me as the leader. I chose 4 girls and 4 boys as my teammate.

At the first week, we all were tasked to make lyrics and I must choose the best 2 from them and give it to the teacher, then he will decide which lyrics we have to make the song with. So, we picked a lyric and for a week, I asked my other friend to work and finish the lyric.
Then, we started to make the melody. I had so many ideas and references in mind that I didn’t know where to start. At last, my friend gave an idea for the first melody part and I accepted it, then I just continue to make variations within my mind. The first melody part that my friend had given was inspired by “Good Time” and I made a view modifications for the last chords of the part. After that I made the melody for the chorus first, I was inspired by “Everything To Me” for the transposition part. At last, I made the melody for the pre-chorus part. I was advised by my friend to make the melody sounds happy XD and he recommend “Luvly, Merry-Go-Round” song from an anime, so I did.
The next part is to arrange the song. I was very passionate and wanted the best for this song, so I kinda made it hard and complex. Each of us had to play a music instrument besides vocal XD. And I realize that’s hard, but I still go with it. Good thing a had a friend that’s good in music too, so he helped me arranging the song. The music instruments are as you can see at the video below: piano, bass, guitar (rhythm and melody), guitar (rhythm), cajon, maracas -I don’t know the exact name for it-, triangle, gallon, voice (rap).
Last two week, we record the sound in a music studio owned by a senior student and last week, we asked our teammate’s brother (a senior student too) to help with the video. And so, this is the music video! Enjoy 😀
There are a few mistakes from this video :
1. We’re the first group, not the third from our class.
2. There’s a teammate missing: Pamela as a percussionist (cajon).
3. We forgot to put the names of the creator:
  • Music: Gaby and Florence
  • Lyrics: Pamela and Fenny
  • Arrangement: Gaby and Irvan
You’re always there on the bench sitting next to me
Talking to each other, wondering what our life will be
You’re always there listening to me
When no one else does
As time goes by
We realize that we’ve always been together
And as time flies
The past will go just like the shadow following us behind
Time goes as we will never aware of
We’ve got to be what we’re meant to be
In time when our life change
We will always be friends… Forever
Time flies, season change
And by the end of the year, we all know we gonna leave
Walking on our pavement, leaving each other, chasing our dream
But the chain of friendship won’t break us down


Last Friday, we performed this song live. The teacher said that this is one of the most well composed song from all classes. I was lying if I said I wasn’t proud of it XD. This is one of my first steps of living my dream.
Thank you God!
Thank you all of my teammates who already worked soooo hard for this and kept supporting each other.
Thank you our music and english teacher who gave us such project XD.
Thank you for all who has been our inspirations.

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