Well, as I wrote in the previous post, I posted a thread on the Marketplace section of the SW forums. These are the three first paintings I made. I made it in July – August 2011.
Music Girl
I used a ref pic (reference picture) for the girl in the painting and I added the musical notes. This is my first attempt in painting, it took 3 days to finish.
Awaking Angel in the Night Sky
I also used a ref pic for this painting. It took days for me to paint the wings!
Samurai Siluet

I didn’t use a ref pic for this painting. I was inspired by the samurais I saw in animes but I think this picture didn’t really come out as I imagined XD. Well, this is my second painting actually. I painted my original one but then I clicked the wrong button and it’s gone D: !! So, I repainted it but this painting is not as good as the original one.

My First 3 Paintings

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