As I posted before, I got mail from LS7 –lol, nickname mode on :v– and was invited to join Artistic Alley! –Junior section, of course– I was really happy and excited! After entering the world of arts, I realized that it is a really famous community!

If you didn’t open the link directing to the forum thread above, briefly it’s the community where you can develop your painting with PBN -Paint By Number- programme. There, we’re given reference pictures and we could pick one and start painting! After you finished, you can take another reference picture.. but!! it’s limited, sooo you have to be quick because someone else could take what you want! Also, if you have trouble, there are mentors who can help you! The paintings that were made will be auctioned and you can earn money! XP
Let’s continue, for the first time auctioning, I hanged 2 paintings
In His Time – 14 September 2011

Actually, this is a double board painting –you could see it, right?-, I searched the reference picture myself, the background was totally different but I’m pretty glad with those hands.

Mickey and The Letter – 18 September 2011
This painting is my first PBN! All this time, I haven’t known the function of the drawing application, so I still use 100% opacity in all of my paintings but I guess it was the reason why this painting turns out well! I did make a lot of money in this one, I was quite shock myself XD!

Becoming a Junior at Artistic Alley

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