I played an online game in the past called Audition –in Indonesia, it’s Audition Ayodance-. I believe most of you haven’t known it, so it’s a dancing game from Korea, here’s some of the screenshots I still have XD

As you can see, that’s my character! o–FruiT-Tea–o was the name, but we could change our names by buying something lol! The 7th name I used –XP– was Zwischen-spieL. I forgot how I picked that name. I haven’t learnt German at the time –fyi I am learning German now because I want to study music there! =D– so I guess it’s a lucky pick!

Yesterday, I attended my German course and I learn the word zwischen which means between. It reminded me of my character name Zwischen-spieL. I wonder if there is a meaning for it.. So then I asked uncle Google and my hunch was right! It does have a meaning. In German, zwischen means between, spiel means game, match –and those similar things– and zwischenspiel means intermezzo, interlude –it’s a music term when there is music instrumental between repeated songs or 2 songs combined-. I can’t believe it! It was such a coincidence –well, I’ve heard that there are no coincidence in this world XD– that I chose the word as my character name in the past!

As I recall, I do love to hear interludes because I think the expression of one’s music comes out there whatever the songs are and I find those interludes interesting because we could see the uniqueness of every musician within the short period.

Oh how I love music even more!


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