There are many paintings –17 to be exact after the last 2 paintings– I made when I’m a Junior Alley. And I will show some of them that was really memorable to me 🙂

Lightning Dragon – 22 September 2011
Well, I took the model from a game that I played, DragonFable –well, I will post about this later on XD-.

Dining Out – 5 October 2011
I had difficulties painting this one, and that’s the first time I asked for help and there I met my becoming mentor, DR2.

Parrot’s Pirate – 11 October 2011
There are auctions with themes, and that time, the theme was pirates. I was confused what to draw but at last I thought of something ridiculous, that is the Parrot’s Pirate.

Pretty Face – 15 October 2011
This was a PBN I chose and it was really challenging. Well, if you look and the real reference picture, this is was different from it, but I was shocked back then. So, a famous artist made a blog and he showcased paintings in the blog. He wrote a forum for all to suggest which paintings to be showcased that month. And yes, that month someone suggested this painting and it became one of the showcased paintings. I was extremely happy!


My Journey at Junior Alley

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