I don’t have any purpose writing this, maybe it is just a way to let out my frustration.
To be honest, I’m pretty happy today!
I went to school, had a PE test and biology practicum.
After that, I left other classes to make driver licence!
I have waited for this since my birthday and at last I made it!

There is a task that I skipped, well.. I didn’t actually skip it..
So.. I was supposed to give my receipt to the man and he keep it for sometime, then he’d call my name, give the receipt and I’d do the next task.
But what happen was.. The queue was empty when I gave my receipt so the man didn’t keep it and gave it back to me directly. But what I know is I was supposed to be called, so I waited.. and waited.. until an hour passed!! Then, I began to wonder why my name wasn’t called for long, and the next minute I realized that I could have done the next task from an hour before!
This incident really annoyed me, I was really disappointed for not realizing it earlier.

When I arrived, I saw my friend in front of my house, brought a pile of papers that was really familiar to me, the proposal.
-At school, there is a really big project that is held by all of the grade 12 students. I was chosen to be the secretary that handle all of the letters including “the proposal”-
She told me the errors and have to be corrected, plus printed for tomorrow. More work to do

Not more than an hour after that, I have to go to my Germany course so I brought my laptop with me.
Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my cellphone and it was really frustrating!
Thank God for wifi and the library which has wifi!
I corrected the errors while going there and as soon as I arrive, I immediately searched for wifi and sent the proposal to my friends to be checked.
Break time! I checked my email and there was no response.. Oh man, tonight will be another long night..

Home sweet home! Cellphone sweet cellphone! Wifi sweet wifi!
At last there was a response..
I made a few revision, and even though it was not finished because the incompleteness of the data, I stopped.
I sent it to my friends and leave it to them for printing –I run out of ink because of that proposal- so I could continue to study… biology
Yes, I do have a test tomorrow.. I really hope my mind could still work tomorrow.

P.S. Well, this is about yesterday. I write this until it’s today. Do you get what I mean?

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