When is the time you feel sooo alive??
Well, I feel that way when I laugh XD
Not just ordinary laugh, it’s a laugh I rarely do
The time when you laugh until you can’t
Until your voice vanished and your cheekbones hurt so good
And before you know it, you cry in your laughter

In my senior high school life, it has been a loong time since I laughed like this
And I actually did it yesterday morning, in biology class
Even though we would have a math test that afternoon
which I think is the reason that….
All of my classmate acted and answered the teacher unpredictably ridiculous
Until the teacher didn’t know what to do anymore
It’s just too noisy and funny
Too… alive!

It made my day despite of the s math test
I am thankful for this kind of class I am in
my tenth-grade class was also like this…
but I think this class would be much much more.. insane XD


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