Consider Its Ways and Be Wise!

My QT this morning was taken from Proverbs 6 : 4-11
The devotion book was emphasizing about laziness and how we should not, we must not be lazy
A passage that is so popular is taken from Proverbs 6:6, about learning from ants

Today, I saw more than usual
I read again and again, that verse, also two verses after which is still related to verse 6

6 Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!
7 It has no commander, no overseer or ruler,
8 yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.

First of all, ants always make a community
Of course, you won’t see an ant alone
They work together
Second, they know what they have to do (8)
They don’t argue, they just doing their job happily
Third, no commander, no overseer or ruler (7)
They have responsibility

I remembered something when I think about these…
The Smurfs
Do you know it?
It’s a comic made by Peyo
The stories are about a community of blue little things called smurfs
There, all of the smurfs have their own name
Such as Clumsy Smurf, Chef Smurf, Narrator Smurf, Baker Smurf, etc.
They are named by what they do
Isn’t it similar with ants’ life?
But, they do have a big difference
Papa Smurf exists in Smurf
He who become like a commander or ruler because he is wiser

Now let’s imagine…
What’s going to happen if humans do the ants’ life?

As we now, ants are the same.
Are we, humans, the same?
I believe we are the same, we are humans
But does it stop here? I don’t believe so
Smurfs are the same yet different, each one has his own ‘particular job
I believe humans are also different, each one has his own uniqueness
We may not have our own ‘particular job‘, but more than that
Humans can do more than just 1 particular job and that makes them special
Then, humans without commander or ruler.
Human did not have commander or ruler, a long time ago
What if it happens now? A world without commander or ruler..

What do you think about it?
Consider its ways and be wise!


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