Living the History

I never get really interested in history since little
I was so excited first, but then…
For  years, it’s always the same
What we’ve learned, what we’ve known
That’s all..
I’ve never wanted to know more
Because I thought it’d be boring
But that’s the past
Now I know much more, and am excited to know much more
I’ve never known about the world’s history
Hearing and seeing others know about it
Kinda made me envy, but also interested

The Century Trilogy by Ken Follet
Has been recommended for a quite long time
I thought I could never read it or even buy it
And now I just finished the first novel, Fall of Giants
It’s a bit unbelievable to see it in my school’s library –the first novel, that is-
And surprisingly they have 2 books of it –usually, there’s only one book for this kind of book-
I tried to borrow the book 2 weeks ago
Unfortunately I have to wait until this Monday since I had mid-term test last week
And yes I learned history, and much more, of course
The life of people from many countries
Lots of point views from many sides
Ken Follet has nailed it into an incredible novel
Everything is felt by just reading
My imagination goes wild with all of the details
Many lessons I get from this book
Some which made my brain can’t stop thinking about are..
This feeling I’ve felt
I guess every student in this world feel it too
The feeling that history lessons are being made up
For the sake of their own country
Only tells the good part and makes us blind to the bad part
Will it continue?

And what lessons had civilization for me? I learned that it ruled by creating classes and dividing people, by making some better than others.

-Virginia Dare, The Enchantress by Michael Scott p 80
It’s taken from another book, but I believe that it’s so true
I could see it clearly in FoG
Eventhough from a social democratic party like Bolshevik
A fundamentalism of any kind of belief is not good
I believe in it strongly
And so many more from reading this book
So many to think and to tell
I haven’t get the right words for it
So I’ll continue to the second book, Winter of The World

Now with many unpredictable things have happened in my life, I don’t regret buying the second book without hesitation
And I hope I could tell more after finishing this one 🙂
PS: And I’m terribly excited about the third book that I just known the title, Edge of Eternity, and will be published toward the end of 2014

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