Family Bond

This year’s Christmas was different than usual

It began when holiday came
I visited my cousin’s (mom’s side) house often, even though I only did it so I can play XP
Later I watched movie with him too!

A week before Christmas, my other cousins (mom’s side) came to my house
They are from around Indonesia (3 different island; Java, Borneo, Maluku)
They met at my house and continue their vacation to Mount Puncak
After they got back from Puncak, they stayed in my house for a night
It was so crowded in my house, 10 people including my own family
I met my niece (from Borneo) for the first time!

That night, we celebrated Christmas, my other cousins (mom’s side) came
Even my grandfather and grandmother (mom’s side) came too
We stayed up late, sharing that precious moment
The next morning, they went to another city
Even just for a moment, but that night was unforgettable

At Christmas, we visited families from my dad’s side
We celebrated Christmas too there
I met my new nephew for the first time as well

I felt very happy this year
I could really feel the bond of my family
They are strong, those bonds
I am grateful for the family I have


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