Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

My Japanese friend recommend the film to me.

Finally I watched it last month! And it was superb!

It is about Hana (a college student) who fell in love with a werewolf. Later they got two werewolf children, Yuki –meaning: snow because she was born in a snowy day- is a girl and Ame –meaning: rain because it was summer but it rained when Ame was born- is the younger boy. Not long after Ame’s birth, her husband died.
Hana then moved to a countryside and raised her two children. Yuki then decided to be human, while Ame decided to be wolf.
The struggle and determination of Hana really touched me. How she accepted and keep moving on with her life and support 100% all of her children.
I really recommend this film to all who love anime or not, because maybe this is just a fantasy –the werewolf part, I mean-, but the message is so clear and the film is very touching.
At the last moment, when Hana realize Ame decided to be wolf; even though it’s hard for her, she still said “Take care and live strong!”

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