DF: Returning Player

Yes, like everyone else, I love playing games
It’s just that I’ve been to busy to play one
But, eventually, I miss playing games
That’s why, when tomorrow is the time for exams
I play today XD
Okay, so this is a game I’ve played since I was in elementary school.
Meet my character: Wolfvan
This is when I wore all golden weapons and accessories,
cool huh? A golden warrior he was.
I guess you must have wondered -or maybe not- why is he a male. There’s a story behind it. One day, my cousin showed me this game and asked me to play. He then made an account for me and made an avatar. A male avatar. Well, I was there and I agreed with what he did, Wolfvan is the name I made -taken from my favorite anime characters at the time, Wolfram (Kyou Kara Maou) and Van (The Vision of Escaflowne)-
Some time later, I wanted to change the gender of my character, but unfortunately he’s level were already high so I stick with it XD
I love the graphic of this game, the characters are all straight and cool. This is my favorite NPC: Tomix
Right: old Tomix, he’s in Book 3. Left: Young Tomix, the cool one, he’s in Book 1 and 2.
Now, DF’s getting cooler with the new animations and all. Check this out: ChonoZ-Preview!
All the quests are getting tougher too, I have to catch up with the quests I’ve missed while I don’t play the game 😦 but it’s OK, I’ll have plenty of time later after I finish all of my exams!!
Interested?? Well just play the game !!

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