Nausicaa; what a Princess

 A few days ago, I watched this very old yet modern, fantasy movie from my favorite anime movie producer, Hayao Miyazaki. As you can see, the title is… Kaze no Tani no Naushika


Created in 1984, the technologies in the film are as good, or even better than techs nowadays. Hayao’s really good in air technologies and it could also be seen in this movie. The story plotted when earth was so polluted, some places had too much toxic in air that people must wear masks in those territory. The worst part polluted is the forest Sea of Decay; it’s been told that toxic come from there and take life from villages around it. Insects live there and they go rage (eyes red) if people wanted to destroy the forest.

Princess Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind was loved by her people and also by the insects in the Sea of Decay. It was peaceful until Tolmekian people attacked the Valley of the Wind and took Nausicaa for their plan destroying the Sea of Decay. Pejite people then involved also in this conflict; they too, wanted to destroy the Sea of Decay. Nausicaa wanted to save her people and the Sea of Decay -moreover after she had found out the secret of the forest-, but could she do it?


This movie is very touching and interesting to watch. Although it’s an old anime, but the animation and technologies are not bad, not bad at all. And above all, its message was clear and very related to our life 🙂 So, I really recommend you to watch it XD


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