Trip to Salatiga

Salatiga, a city between Semarang and Jogjakarta, Middle Java, Indonesia. For 2 nights we live here. The air was so fresh, the view was so nature; and the most important thing, no traffic and no rains!

First day, as soon as we reach the hotel, me and my bro just jumped to the swimming pool! It has been like forever since we swam the last time. We enjoyed it soooo much we swam day and in the evening!

The next morning, we planned to see the sunrise. The road is rough and small, we had to ride bike to go up to the top of Mt. Telemoyo where we would the sunrise. After about 45 minutes, we reached our destination. Unfortunately, the fog is so thick we can’t see a thing! We were in the clouds and before we knew it, it was bright already.

Well, just a simple trip. Met families and friends there. New atmosphere. It’s really good to have recreation in your holidays!!


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