As the heARTivity‘s program runs, I made a couple of art pieces. It’s been a rather busy week so I haven’t got much time like the last but I hope the result’s not that bad 😉

Snow Rabbit

“Snow Rabbit”
Originally photo taken by my friend, Megumi Uchida, she made this rabbit from snow, its eye from berry and ear from leaves 🙂
Day-12, nature & fruit


The first lyrics I understand in a Japanese song, this has become a memorable one because the meaning is meaningful also XD
Day-15, favorite lyrics

Jump Rope

“Jump Rope”
One activity that I remembered well from my childhood: making jump rope from rubbers and play it with my brother and cousins.
Day-21, childhood


A brave knight spirit of King Arthur and a pure heart of a girl come together into this character from Fate series (Stay Night and Zero), Saber.
Day-25, favorite fictional characters

Spirited Away

“Chihiro and Kohaku”
From a famous anime movie by Ghibli, Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi), Kohaku (spirit dragon) and Chihiro (the girl riding the dragon) have a relationship which really inspired me.
Day-25, favorite fictional characters

The program will end at the end of January, so I hope I can make more art pieces this week 😀


More art pieces

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