What a title.. failure.

Have you ever been fail? Well, I have.. a lot of times. Yes, and in those failures I was very down and sad.

This time, I think… I’ve failed from my failure. I don’t know, how pathetic I am as I failed again and again.

I guess I haven’t changed, it’s just me doing the same failure again and again. But the thing I did just know is I.. I tried to accept it.. and you know how it feels? It hurts.. It hurts so much.

But then I realized.. even if it hurts much, maybe it was the right thing to do..

Look at my past, I liked to blame someone else for my failure (though maybe not directly) and what do I feel? Nothing, maybe happy for a bit of time but then nothing. And I guess that’s why the circle of blaming keeps on going.

Today, when I accept my failure, I think about.. hey we all did mistakes, we’re still humans. Just accept that and go on with it.

It’s really hard thing for me to do, to go on with all this. But we can’t change the past, even if we want it to be right and perfect. I sure love to be perfect, it’s just that I am not.

But hey, let’s not forget one thing. Don’t lose your perfect ideal self. Acceptance is needed, but ideal self is needed also.

I know I’m not perfect, but if I try to be perfect, at least I can be better than I am now. It will always be that way, as I run towards my ideal self.


Life is indeed interesting


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