Rough costly experience

Now, I am writing this post so I can always remember some of my experience are not smooth. There are rough ones, and some of them are costly. Looking back a few years behind, I remember four of those kind of experiences.

First, in 2013 when I enroll to Sure (real name institution classified). Oh yeah that was one rough costly experience for me, and it hasn’t finished until now. Me and my mom are still working to get out of the problem. How troublesome it is, but this experience really taught me to think more carefully about making a decision to get into an organization.

Second, I guess I fell into another problem in 2014. I joined a course without further information. Well, it was still a new company and they are still in promotion. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage my time and planning well, thus it somehow turned out kinda bad. I did study in that course for 3 months and fortunately I learned a lot (I realize this at the end of the term and I’m so glad I did learn in the end). But, this experience cost much as well, and I sure learn about how to manage my plan, now.

The third. After I got into my university, I did the same mistake again. I register to an organization without further thinking. Well, I guess I was too ambitious then, I joined a lot stuff and I once again didn’t think forward. I didn’t think about how I manage my time for all of those things, what sacrifices I had to made, am I ready to endure the risk of all organizations. All of my experience for the last 1 and a half years are worth it. I felt how was it to bear all the risks, and now I realize my strength, my management skills, my endurance. It was hard, and costly, but I’m glad I realize about all of it now.

From the third point, I decided last year that I would live near my university. And this is my fourth costly experience. This is one of the result of the risks I mentioned before. My parents paid the cost of the place I stayed for 6 months, but I only live there for 3 months. Well, a lot of conditions made it happen, but yeah it cost a lot and this made me learn too. About my parents sacrifices for me, how much they paid for my mistakes.

I see that I made those same mistakes again and again. I feel terrible, honestly; but I don’t regret it. I’m very thankful that they happened. I learn more and more about life. How the world is outside my house and my environment. Okay, that’s it for now. I hope I won’t do the same mistakes again in the future! Or at least, be better than before.

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