“You are like the sun”

Do you know an anime called “Saiyuki”? Maybe the one you know is the story about a monk and his three friends who went on a journey to the west. Saiyuki is made from that tale; Minekura Kazuya elaborated the tale into several series. Minekura also made a prequel to Saiyuki – Saiyuki Gaiden – where Goku meets Konzen, Kenren and Tenpou in heaven before Goku was expelled to earth and caged for more than 500 years. In Saiyuki series, Konzen reincarnated to Sanzo, Kenren to Gojyo and Tenpou to Hakkai. That’s the short introduction to Saiyuki, what I want to share further is in the story of Saiyuki Gaiden.



Konzen was born as an official in heaven, his life was so smooth… and very boring, until Bosatsu (the merciful goddess who is also Konzen’s aunt) brought an animal -Goku- to heaven. That… was their first encounter.


Awesome… You’re shining! Like the sun. That animal‘s first words to Konzen as he touched Konzen’s golden long hair.

Annoyed, Konzen smacked the animal‘s head and called him bakazaru (stupid monkey).

Bosatsu saw that interesting and told Konzen to take care of the animal. Of course Konzen was super annoyed, knowing the animal very energetic and talkative with its innocent big smile. Even after all the smacks for being a nuisance for Konzen, Goku was still attached to Konzen..Later, Konzen gave the animal a name, Goku -Go = understanding and Ku = the void-.


Skip to the important part of the story, Konzen grew fond of Goku and really cared for him as his own son. Goku, was later known that he is Seiten Taisei (The Great Sage Equaling Heaven), broke his limiter which made him goes berserk. He killed lots of heaven’s army (where killing is forbidden in heaven) thus became a traitor and was pursued. Konzen, Kenren, and Tenpou were involved and pursued as well. They planned to escape to earth but Konzen, Kenren and Tenpou never made it.


In the development of the story, I really reflect what happened to Konzen. Konzen was once always bored and apathetic with all of the things around him, but was so alive and caring after Goku came to his life. Konzen was always been Goku’s sun from the beginning, but as the time goes by, he began to realize that Goku’s was his sun. At the end when Konzen knew he wouldn’t make it to earth he said,

Goku, you were the one who reached out to me first. Next time, I promise I’ll be the one to reach for you. I’ll definitely reach for you.

Konzen changed. His awareness towards others emerged, his stubborn personality subdued, his views of the world widened, he dared sacrifice his own life. All because of Goku.


One’s life is touched by a sun.

This might happened too, especially touched by a sun – the real sun, Jesus Christ that is.

Us born a Christian have lived smoothly in a comfort zone, almost too comfort that we might as well get bored. Taking God’s word emptily as common as other information. But hey, maybe we don’t realize that Jesus has made his encounter with us; in a positive or negative event. Us who deep down have been thinking that God’s word are so annoying, told countless time before and has no meaning to our life. But it never stops, why? Because we are also his precious suns. Us might go through a path where we start to see changes in ourselves and soon realized that we are getting fond of him because he always have been our sun, always lights our journey of life.

Hoped we can continue like Konzen, giving our whole life for that sun. Fulfill his command and promises until we meet again.





500 years later…


Wonder how… he’s so shiny… He’s almost like… almost like…


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