Learn to Laugh?

Like us, Black Jack was a normal human and he also learned a lot of things from people around him. Gera, Black Jack’s friend in high school, was one of them.

This was taken from Black Jack episode 42 *contains spoiler


Black Jack was full of anger and hatred. His mother and him were badly injured and his mother didn’t survived. His father went overseas with a new woman. BJ had to go through hard rehabilitation. He didn’t know how to smile or laugh. Until he met Gera in high school.

Gera always laughed loudly and brightly. It pissed BJ off. At last, BJ couldn’t stand it, he confronted Gera and that’s where he found out that Gera had a bad life as well. Gera’s parents had a lot of debts and they just left to another city, leaving Gera behind. Nonetheless, he said that he was still lucky because his parents didn’t kill him. Gera even said that BJ was also lucky that he had a wonderful surgeon so he could survived. BJ couldn’t believe what he just heard, but they became good friends after since.

One day, BJ came to Gera’s house. Gera told BJ that he wanted to be a mangaka artist and he showed his work. BJ smiled and Gera was so happy to see it. He said…


After that, debt collectors came and they hurt Gera. BJ, who brought darts that day used throw a dart and hit one of the debt collectors. The debt collector fought back but the dart hit Gera on the neck, causing him unable to speak, let alone laugh.


After BJ graduate his medical school, he treated Gera. After the operation he told Gera to continue his dream be a mangaka artist. BJ also showed his gratitude being Gera’s friend. He told him that…


Gera smiled.

A few days later, BJ got news that Gera died. Gera laughed very brightly and loudly for a couple of minutes, after that he died within seconds.



BJ went through many stories in his life, this was just one of them. I couldn’t imagine what BJ would have been if he hadn’t met Gera. BJ acquired his “kind” side from Gera, now he could smile, he could laugh, he could be grateful.

Let’s take a look at ourselves now. There are also moments and people in our life. Cherish them, even those hard ones, you will see that they are all connected later.

Because God can use any thing, any time, any people to shape us.


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