Arren and Therru

Just watched another Ghibli movie which once again reminds us to be more concern with earth’s health; Gedo Senki or Tales from Earthsea in English (click picture below to watch).

TfE title


In that world, one should keep his real name because anybody can control others by having their real names.

Also, that world was then unbalanced because humans had exploited the earth without restoring it. Dragons, which lived in air and fire, had appeared in humans’ territorry, which is earth and sea. This is just one of the effects of the disturbance of the balance.


And so, there was a boy, prince, called Arren who stabbed his own father, the king. Arren proclaimed that he was not himself but as if someone’s inside him controlling him; and this self appeared again when Arren tried to save Therru.

TfE Arren

Arren when saving Therru

Therru, a girl with a burn scar on her face. It’s been said that she was abused by her parents when little, the scar was a proof. Therru had been living for 5 years with Tenar who adopted her.

TfE Therru

Arren when saving Therru

TfE journey

Sparrowhawk and Arren

Tenar was a friend of Sparrowhawk, the most powerful wizard, aka Archmage. Sparrowhawk was on his journey to restore balance in that world. He met Arren in his journey and had been taking after him ever since. Sparrowhawk and Arren lived in Tenar’s house for awhile.


TfE Cob




And then there was Cob, a wizard who searched for eternal life. By means to obtain it, Cob disturbed the balance in the world.


Aside of the main plot of restoring balance in the world, this movie had another significant message for me. That is, to face our own self and accept it as they are.

Arren first feared of his ownself and rejected the darkness within him, and by doing that rejecting the light as well. However you look at it, light will not exist without darkness and darkness will not exist without light. Arren had became empty by that time. Therru confronted and challenged Arren to face his fear.

Arren, they’ve got Tenar and Sparrowhawk. They’ll die if we don’t do something! They’ll die! We’ll lose both of them! We’ll lose the most important thing in the world.

Therru, what is the most important thing?

Life is the most important thing.

We’ll all die someday. What does it matter?

Why fight for life? We know it’s going to end anyway.

No! Life is precious because we know we’re going to die!

TfE Therruarren

You’re afraid to live the only life you have!


You think your life belongs to you?

Tenar gave me life. That’s why I have to live to give life to someone else.

TfE Lebannen

That’s the only way we live forever.

Who the hell was Lebannen? See for yourself in the movie XD


Would Arren accept the challenge? Would he accept his whole self? Would he live?


will I accept the same challenge, to accept my whole self and live?

Will you?



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