I just joined a camp at my church, a camp to get me and of course everyone else “disclosed”. In the last session, JN preached about the face. It had so much relation to my own life.

He started with how technology nowadays made us meet people less. That’s so very true in my life. Well, I posted about how I like to communicate through the screen. I could not see the face or expression of my friend and they couldn’t see me either. It made me feelingless; just as the preacher said.

The face, he said, is the same with presence and the face always triggered a response. That way, we feel our own feelings which appear in our responses. I have always been afraid to meet people face to face, moreover the ones I don’t feel comfortable with. But I realize now that I just don’t want to be known by others and I don’t want to get hurt from knowing others as well.

But why should I live if I think like that? Isn’t life about getting known and getting hurt? Because when that happens, you will also know the essential facts in life. And the more important thing, you will meet love. this was preached by ST the previous day.

So yeah, the camp really opened my eyes and my heart. To get disclosed, is not an easy thing at all. But I will do it more and more, to make me more human as well.

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