My day one inspiration

So, I just joined a program. To find an inspiration, to write it down. The first topic given is, why do I write.

Well, I did this as my first post and I remembered it like it’s only yesterday. Thought about it deeper though, and well.. another question just appears: Why do I keep writing?

I guess, the reason is also quite simple: So I don’t forget.

I realized that I easily forget many things which have happened in the past. Not just the events, but the feelings I felt too. And as I look deeper, I think it’s because of myself. I just.. don’t want to remember. Maybe because I felt they are not that meaningful to be remembered, or because those memories and those feelings are painful, maybe because I would be full of regrets if I remember.

But I know now, that it’s not right to forget things. Because they are important. To know myself. To know the purpose of my life. They are truly important. That’s why I don’t want to forget anymore, I want to remember. One way is by writing. So if you ask me again, why do I write or why do I keep writing? My answer is…

I write because I want to remember.


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