In the crowds

Still in my inspiration program, even though this is the fourth topic and I post this long after the first one forgive me for this. This time, it’s about writing from a picture.

I visited Japan with my family last June. It was a lot of fun! I’m so amazed by all the things I experienced there and I really wanted to go there again if I could 😀

So, this is my favorite picture. Shibuya Crossing. Well, what I like from that place was there are so many people. I like being in the crowds, of people maybe I don’t know. But somehow it made me comfortable. Not only in Japan, honestly, like, wherever I go I like to be in the crowds. That’s why I love being in Shibuya crossing or in the trains because there are so many different people there! Yes, if I look further maybe I like to see the uniqueness in different people. Their faces, their movements, their style. It amused me how people can be so unique and differ from one another. Maybe it’s one of the factors I can accept people as they are more and more.

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