love is

… call right away to make sure everything's fine



how many times I tried
to just let it pass
to think about something
more positive
but I just can’t

I just can’t
the moment I realized
it has begun circling
an endless cycle
thick gray mist

What I have

A tender heart
Consumed by a captivating fire
Still remain are little pieces
Most are scorched already

Trusted to me one of the pieces
Beautiful indeed, though not whole anymore
This small part of your heart
I embrace, I cherish, I love

with all of me

the time I’m waiting for is at night

when you sounded sleepy and you close your eyes

magnetized by your charm

a star so bright

my hand moves to touch your cheeks

brush your hair all the way back

feels so blessed and I’m blessing you too

’til suddenly you say lava you

oh yes it’s the time I’m waiting for



I am very tired to answer
I have tried so hard
But you just do not listen

Longing to share to you
I even cut down my stories
To the simplest one-word-answers

To show you
That I still do listen
That I still do answer
Only to find that you do not hear
What I get are censures

I am very tired
I do not ask for you to listen
I do not ask for you to even hear
Trying, is more than enough