DF: Returning Player

Yes, like everyone else, I love playing games
It’s just that I’ve been to busy to play one
But, eventually, I miss playing games
That’s why, when tomorrow is the time for exams
I play today XD
Okay, so this is a game I’ve played since I was in elementary school.
Meet my character: Wolfvan
This is when I wore all golden weapons and accessories,
cool huh? A golden warrior he was.
I guess you must have wondered -or maybe not- why is he a male. There’s a story behind it. One day, my cousin showed me this game and asked me to play. He then made an account for me and made an avatar. A male avatar. Well, I was there and I agreed with what he did, Wolfvan is the name I made -taken from my favorite anime characters at the time, Wolfram (Kyou Kara Maou) and Van (The Vision of Escaflowne)-
Some time later, I wanted to change the gender of my character, but unfortunately he’s level were already high so I stick with it XD
I love the graphic of this game, the characters are all straight and cool. This is my favorite NPC: Tomix
Right: old Tomix, he’s in Book 3. Left: Young Tomix, the cool one, he’s in Book 1 and 2.
Now, DF’s getting cooler with the new animations and all. Check this out: ChonoZ-Preview!
All the quests are getting tougher too, I have to catch up with the quests I’ve missed while I don’t play the game 😦 but it’s OK, I’ll have plenty of time later after I finish all of my exams!!
Interested?? Well just play the game !!

My Journey at Junior Alley

There are many paintings –17 to be exact after the last 2 paintings– I made when I’m a Junior Alley. And I will show some of them that was really memorable to me 🙂

Lightning Dragon – 22 September 2011
Well, I took the model from a game that I played, DragonFable –well, I will post about this later on XD-.

Dining Out – 5 October 2011
I had difficulties painting this one, and that’s the first time I asked for help and there I met my becoming mentor, DR2.

Parrot’s Pirate – 11 October 2011
There are auctions with themes, and that time, the theme was pirates. I was confused what to draw but at last I thought of something ridiculous, that is the Parrot’s Pirate.

Pretty Face – 15 October 2011
This was a PBN I chose and it was really challenging. Well, if you look and the real reference picture, this is was different from it, but I was shocked back then. So, a famous artist made a blog and he showcased paintings in the blog. He wrote a forum for all to suggest which paintings to be showcased that month. And yes, that month someone suggested this painting and it became one of the showcased paintings. I was extremely happy!


I played an online game in the past called Audition –in Indonesia, it’s Audition Ayodance-. I believe most of you haven’t known it, so it’s a dancing game from Korea, here’s some of the screenshots I still have XD

As you can see, that’s my character! o–FruiT-Tea–o was the name, but we could change our names by buying something lol! The 7th name I used –XP– was Zwischen-spieL. I forgot how I picked that name. I haven’t learnt German at the time –fyi I am learning German now because I want to study music there! =D– so I guess it’s a lucky pick!

Yesterday, I attended my German course and I learn the word zwischen which means between. It reminded me of my character name Zwischen-spieL. I wonder if there is a meaning for it.. So then I asked uncle Google and my hunch was right! It does have a meaning. In German, zwischen means between, spiel means game, match –and those similar things– and zwischenspiel means intermezzo, interlude –it’s a music term when there is music instrumental between repeated songs or 2 songs combined-. I can’t believe it! It was such a coincidence –well, I’ve heard that there are no coincidence in this world XD– that I chose the word as my character name in the past!

As I recall, I do love to hear interludes because I think the expression of one’s music comes out there whatever the songs are and I find those interludes interesting because we could see the uniqueness of every musician within the short period.

Oh how I love music even more!

Becoming a Junior at Artistic Alley

As I posted before, I got mail from LS7 –lol, nickname mode on :v– and was invited to join Artistic Alley! –Junior section, of course– I was really happy and excited! After entering the world of arts, I realized that it is a really famous community!

If you didn’t open the link directing to the forum thread above, briefly it’s the community where you can develop your painting with PBN -Paint By Number- programme. There, we’re given reference pictures and we could pick one and start painting! After you finished, you can take another reference picture.. but!! it’s limited, sooo you have to be quick because someone else could take what you want! Also, if you have trouble, there are mentors who can help you! The paintings that were made will be auctioned and you can earn money! XP
Let’s continue, for the first time auctioning, I hanged 2 paintings
In His Time – 14 September 2011

Actually, this is a double board painting –you could see it, right?-, I searched the reference picture myself, the background was totally different but I’m pretty glad with those hands.

Mickey and The Letter – 18 September 2011
This painting is my first PBN! All this time, I haven’t known the function of the drawing application, so I still use 100% opacity in all of my paintings but I guess it was the reason why this painting turns out well! I did make a lot of money in this one, I was quite shock myself XD!

More paintings

Back to SW! After those 3, I painted 2 more paintings
Young Natsu Dragneel – 3 September 2011
I loved Fairy Tail and this is the main character. I chose this scene because I taught Natsu was cute (I haven’t known Laxus at the time so… XD)

Atlantic Dolphin – 6 September 2011
I searched for a reference picture and at last I drew this. It’s very amateur but I’m actually glad. Nothing wrong with practicing, right?

My First 3 Paintings

Well, as I wrote in the previous post, I posted a thread on the Marketplace section of the SW forums. These are the three first paintings I made. I made it in July – August 2011.
Music Girl
I used a ref pic (reference picture) for the girl in the painting and I added the musical notes. This is my first attempt in painting, it took 3 days to finish.
Awaking Angel in the Night Sky
I also used a ref pic for this painting. It took days for me to paint the wings!
Samurai Siluet

I didn’t use a ref pic for this painting. I was inspired by the samurais I saw in animes but I think this picture didn’t really come out as I imagined XD. Well, this is my second painting actually. I painted my original one but then I clicked the wrong button and it’s gone D: !! So, I repainted it but this painting is not as good as the original one.


I love to draw, to paint! Especially drawing animes XD. Well, but in my high school there are no art –I mean art like painting or drawing– subject. I was really sad about it but luckily my friend introduce me to this game, SmallWorlds.

Smallworlds is a 3D virtual reality game, where you can do things like missioning, meeting friends, playing together (chess, fastdraw, etc.), playing in an arena, etc. There are skills with levels and tokens (the currency) to earn. It also has gold as currency but you have to pay in real life to get it.
So, my friend actually introduced me to SW when we’re in junior high –I’ve been playing since Feb 2009– but I was into it since I had the long holiday after the junior high school national exams.

First, I was into it because I like missioning. I looked at the forum and tried so many good missions. Most of the story lines are touching and I’m impressed by how the mission makers made the missions so real. Then I joined the mission community and leveled up my skills fast.

Then, something caught my eyes. Yes! It is the canvas! I thought “Oh why did I just realize that I could paint here now?!” XD. So I tried to make paintings from the canvas and post it on the forum –for the first time, I just wanted to make money so I post in the Marketplace section lol-. The next day, I got an unexpected mail! It was from an artist, a famous artist in SW and she invited me to join an art community named Artistic Alley. I was extremely happy and I immediately said yes! So I became a member of Artistic Alley Junior since I was just an amateur. There, I developed my painting skills quickly. I befriended with many amazing artists all over the world and I even had a mentor from Australia! I will post the paintings in other posts because each painting has its own story and it’s too long to write it all here!

PS. Well, at first, I made a boy character –lol, I do love making boy characters in games– named Van Samuel. And for the signature, I used the word VeLyou can see them in the paintings later-. But as the time goes by, after I made many paintings I felt uneasy so I made a girl character but as the signature is VeL, so I decided to name her Vanessa Gabrielle XD