That’s what my friends use to call people who don’t talk much, don’t interact much with other people.
Anti-social. Anti sosial in Indonesian, ansos as brief.
I call them us, introverts.

Yes, I am one of them.
I don’t talk much with many people.
Maybe I can, but in some times, I need to be alone.

One of my ‘extrovert’ friend suggested me to socialize myself.
Try to talk with , try to blend with other friends.
And I really have tried to do it.
But it is just…. not me.
As you may guess, I couldn’t stay long in that position.

And then, one of my best friend gave a song for me to hear.
It’s from Glee, titled You Have More Friends Than You Know.

It’s a wonderful song, very touching.
It made me realize for the friends I have now.

And at last I thanked my ‘extrovert’ friend and declared that I am happy!
It’s enough for me, with the hilarious friends and colorful life I have now.
Even though I know my friends, including me, are somewhat freaks! No kidding XP
We are just… who we are 🙂

Don’t be afraid because your friends aren’t much.
Cherish who you are with now
 It’s gonna be okay, you have more friends than you know 


Hari ini ialah hari ulang tahun Republik Indonesia yang ke-68, dan karena itu, saya akan menulis pos ini juga dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

Dalam hari yang penuh semangat ini, saya akan membagikan pendapat saya tentang lagu kebangsaan Indonesia yang penuh arti…

Lagu nasional menceritakan kehidupan bangsa.
Saya senang sekali dengan lagu nasional Indonesia yang diadopsi dari lagu “Indonesia Raja” (ejaan lama) ini.
Terima kasih W. R. Supratman atas jasanya menciptakan lagu yang membanggakan ini.

Saya pernah diberitahukan bahwa lagu kebangsaan Indonesia berbeda dari lagu-lagu kebangsaan yang lain, dan setelah saya mendengarnya, saya sangat setuju dengan pernyataan tersebut!
Lagu ini memiliki musikalitas yang beragam, jika kita dengar di awal lagu, melodi yang digunakan naik lalu turun – naik lalu turun, tetapi secara keseluruhan nada tersebut naik seolah-olah ingin memperkenalkan kita kepada Indonesia. Dilanjutkan dengan melodi yang dinamis  di tengah yang membawa kita memuncak di refrain. Refrain dengan nada yang tinggi membuat lagu ini megah, kata-katanya juga memberi semangat dan ikut memberi kesan kebanggaan.

Saya sangat bangga ketika menyanyikan lagu ini, perasaan saya berkobar dan penuh semangat.
Perasaan sedih juga terasa mengingat keadaan negeri ini sekarang.
Tetapi Indonesia tetaplah negeri yang sangat saya cintai dan banggakan!!
Saya tidak akan menyerah untuk memajukan bangsa ini, meskipun hanya beberapa cm saja.



I played an online game in the past called Audition –in Indonesia, it’s Audition Ayodance-. I believe most of you haven’t known it, so it’s a dancing game from Korea, here’s some of the screenshots I still have XD

As you can see, that’s my character! o–FruiT-Tea–o was the name, but we could change our names by buying something lol! The 7th name I used –XP– was Zwischen-spieL. I forgot how I picked that name. I haven’t learnt German at the time –fyi I am learning German now because I want to study music there! =D– so I guess it’s a lucky pick!

Yesterday, I attended my German course and I learn the word zwischen which means between. It reminded me of my character name Zwischen-spieL. I wonder if there is a meaning for it.. So then I asked uncle Google and my hunch was right! It does have a meaning. In German, zwischen means between, spiel means game, match –and those similar things– and zwischenspiel means intermezzo, interlude –it’s a music term when there is music instrumental between repeated songs or 2 songs combined-. I can’t believe it! It was such a coincidence –well, I’ve heard that there are no coincidence in this world XD– that I chose the word as my character name in the past!

As I recall, I do love to hear interludes because I think the expression of one’s music comes out there whatever the songs are and I find those interludes interesting because we could see the uniqueness of every musician within the short period.

Oh how I love music even more!

♫ About Us ♫

This is a school project for music and english subject. The tasks are: create a song with english lyrics, arrange the song, perform the song live, and make a music video from the song. My group consists of 9 people with me as the leader. I chose 4 girls and 4 boys as my teammate.

At the first week, we all were tasked to make lyrics and I must choose the best 2 from them and give it to the teacher, then he will decide which lyrics we have to make the song with. So, we picked a lyric and for a week, I asked my other friend to work and finish the lyric.
Then, we started to make the melody. I had so many ideas and references in mind that I didn’t know where to start. At last, my friend gave an idea for the first melody part and I accepted it, then I just continue to make variations within my mind. The first melody part that my friend had given was inspired by “Good Time” and I made a view modifications for the last chords of the part. After that I made the melody for the chorus first, I was inspired by “Everything To Me” for the transposition part. At last, I made the melody for the pre-chorus part. I was advised by my friend to make the melody sounds happy XD and he recommend “Luvly, Merry-Go-Round” song from an anime, so I did.
The next part is to arrange the song. I was very passionate and wanted the best for this song, so I kinda made it hard and complex. Each of us had to play a music instrument besides vocal XD. And I realize that’s hard, but I still go with it. Good thing a had a friend that’s good in music too, so he helped me arranging the song. The music instruments are as you can see at the video below: piano, bass, guitar (rhythm and melody), guitar (rhythm), cajon, maracas -I don’t know the exact name for it-, triangle, gallon, voice (rap).
Last two week, we record the sound in a music studio owned by a senior student and last week, we asked our teammate’s brother (a senior student too) to help with the video. And so, this is the music video! Enjoy 😀
There are a few mistakes from this video :
1. We’re the first group, not the third from our class.
2. There’s a teammate missing: Pamela as a percussionist (cajon).
3. We forgot to put the names of the creator:
  • Music: Gaby and Florence
  • Lyrics: Pamela and Fenny
  • Arrangement: Gaby and Irvan
You’re always there on the bench sitting next to me
Talking to each other, wondering what our life will be
You’re always there listening to me
When no one else does
As time goes by
We realize that we’ve always been together
And as time flies
The past will go just like the shadow following us behind
Time goes as we will never aware of
We’ve got to be what we’re meant to be
In time when our life change
We will always be friends… Forever
Time flies, season change
And by the end of the year, we all know we gonna leave
Walking on our pavement, leaving each other, chasing our dream
But the chain of friendship won’t break us down


Last Friday, we performed this song live. The teacher said that this is one of the most well composed song from all classes. I was lying if I said I wasn’t proud of it XD. This is one of my first steps of living my dream.
Thank you God!
Thank you all of my teammates who already worked soooo hard for this and kept supporting each other.
Thank you our music and english teacher who gave us such project XD.
Thank you for all who has been our inspirations.


Last Friday was my friend’s birthday, but she will be celebrate it next Sunday. -She was my school and my close friend in the first year of junior high, then she went overseas to learn language and she got back home half a year ago- I got the honor to sing at the end of the program. This afternoon, I went to her house -after three years- to choose the song I am going to sing. At first, I felt awkward. But then, she really treated me like the old days and I felt very happy that I could be open to her.

After some time we searched for the song -and chatting, and sharing about our lifes-, at last we found the song! The song which I know -well, even though I love music, I just know a few songs- and she likes. Then we searched for the instrumental music of that song and the lyrics. I listened to the real song a few times while reading the lyrics, then started to sing with the instrumental music.

The more I sang, the more I am deeply into the lyrics. It is like, the lyrics showed the expressions of… me. I believe most of you already know the song, it is very popular for its movie: Mulan.

Look at me
You may think you see
Who I really am
But you’ll never know me
Every day
It’s as if I play a part
Now I see
If I wear a mask
I can fool the world
But I cannot fool my heart
Who is that girl I see
Staring straight back at me?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?
I am now
In a world where I
Have to hide my heart
And what I believe in
But somehow
I will show the world
What’s inside my heart
And be loved for who I am
Who is that girl I see
Staring straight back at me?
Why is my reflection
Someone I don’t know?
Must I pretend that I’m
Someone else for all time?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?
There’s a heart that must be
Free to fly
That burns with a need to know
The reason why
Why must we all conceal
What we think, how we feel?
Must there be a secret me
I’m forced to hide?
I won’t pretend that I’m
Someone else for all time
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?

"Kimi wa hitori nanka janai ze!"

To hear and understand a phrase -in this context, lyrics- in another language gives such wonderful feeling!!
This happened to me -for the first time- a few years ago, when I recognize a phrase in a Japanese song, Ft. by Funkist, 3rd opening theme of Fairy Tail.
Just before the chorus, he sang

“Kimi wa hitori nanka janai ze!”

*before I continue, I do not really understand Japanese well so, if I happened to make a mistake, please understand. I am very welcome for corrections :)*

Kimi means you,
wa is a “to be”,
hitori means one person -well, I prefer the word alone-,
nanka… just a word, I think. I do not know the meaning literally XD
janai makes the phrase negative.
So, it means “you are not alone!
Or maybe it sounds better like this “you are not alone, right?!” or “you are not alone anymore, got it?

For the first phrase I recognize, it was very inspiring.
I immediately remembered a word, Immanuel.
And it has once became my motto!

Dream Job

All of you must have known my name, Gabriella Gracia, abbreviated as GG.

But what all of you may have not known is that, this abbreviation also defines my motto and vision.
That is, Glorifying God.
I believe that this can be accomplished it by loving God and loving others.
Others here do not only refer to people from “our kind”, like people from our family, our friends, our race, our social status, etc.
But it also refers to people beyond the ones I just mentioned.
People who come from different countries and speak different languages, people who are physically different from us like the blind, the deaf and the mute, people who are poor and oppressed.
I want to speak for them by using the talent that God has given to me, through music and lyrics.
To become a composer is my dream job, either music composer or song writer or even both.
My missions in composing are to touch people’s heart, to raise their conscience, and to inspire them to do something.
The music that I am going would be a combination of classical music and Japanese-contemporary music;
Where the notes, the chords, the key and time signatures are uncommon and remarkable;
And the lyrics will be the abundant of thoughts and expressions.
All of this may sounds dreamy;
But I will pursue these and I will work hard to seize my unfaltering dream job.
-made for English task 😀

Why Do They Have To Be So Cool ?!

What I mean by “they” here is nothing else but Japanese -anime- music.
I love extraordinary things, especially extraordinary music! And anime songs provide it all.

Starting with their unusual usage of chords that creates remarkable transpositions and overtones:

  • Yakusoku wa Iranai by Maaya Sakamoto, 1st opening theme of Escaflowne. Using D tone with unusual chord before chorus.
  • Chance by Kohei Koizumi, 1st ending theme of Candidate for Goddess. Tones on E, G, C, and A.
  • Platinum by Maaya Sakamoto, 3rd opening theme of Card Captor Sakura. Tones on D and F#
  • Kimi no Shinwa ~ Aquarion Dai Ni Shou by Akino with bless4, 1st opening theme of Aquarion Evol. Beginning on F#, to A, G, F# and couple of overtones. I can not even remember them all! LOL

Continue to their unusual usage of time signature:

  • Don’t Look Back Again by WAG, 1st opening theme of Saiyuki Reload Gunlock -uses 5/4 at the beginning and changes into 4/4 at the chorus.
  • Symphonic Dream by Katate Size, 2nd ending theme of Nurarihyon no Mago -uses 11/4 for the intro, 6/4 for the verse, 4/4 for the chorus, and unimaginable 7/4, 5/4 and 6/4 in the bridge.

Moreover, their techniques in music instruments:

  • Drums
    • Waltz by Suneohair, 1st ending theme of Honey and Clover. First 13 seconds
    • Fast Forward by Monkey Majik, 1st opening theme of Nurarihyon no Mago. In overall song, but especially in 00:15-00:43
  • Fusion of -especially- piano, violin, and drum
    • Kagami no Naka by Can-Goo, 1st opening theme of Ultra Maniac. In 00:34 – 00:56
  • Fusion of piano, violin, bass, and -especially- drum
    • I Talk to The Rain by Yuki Kajiura, Tsubasa Chronicles soundtrack. From 01:26 onwards (you have to “really” hear the song if you want to hear this intricate yet awesome fusion)

Not to mention my favorite song, Tsuioku Merry-Go-Round by onelifecrew, 2nd ending theme of Fairy Tail.
A jazzy trio of piano, guitar, and bass with a slight of jazz drum beats in 02:51-03:10 followed by the rap until 03:23.

Well, those are “some” songs I remembered, I could not have post everything because it is too many, but anyway
These songs… never fail to amaze me.
Thank You, God, for gifting such talented musicians who composed their songs.
And motivated me to keep going and compose my own music.
someday . .